Four Ridges Must Be Destroyed  (2009)

Bronze award winner

Campaign: Four Ridges Must Be Destroyed
Brand: FRijj
Client: Dairy Crest
Entrant: Grey London
Principal Author: Ollie Gilmore - Grey London

Credited Companies: Dairy Crest - Client, Grey London - Creative Agency, John Ayling & Associates - Media Agency, Haygarth - PR Agency

This paper demonstrates how disaster movies increased sales of FRijj milkshake. In recent years, FRijj's non-promoted base sales have been in decline. The challenge was to reverse this by re-engaging the core consumer base of 16-34 year-old male milkshake drinkers. The creative strategy was for FRijj to behave like an entertainment brand, rather than an FMCG product. This was achieved through a multi-faceted campaign: the centrepiece was the 'Four Ridges Must Be Destroyed' online movie, which was based on cult classics such as 'The Blob' but instead featuring FRijj. This movie was supported by a London-based film festival, a consumer film competition and a limited edition FRijj flavour. The campaign generated a payback of £1.04 per every £1 spent.

Judge's Comments:

The FRijj campaign was of particular interest to the judges as it behaved more like an entertainment brand rather than an FMCG product.
-Duncan George, Former Sales Director, AOL