Give in to the power of TV. Give in to Gü.  (2012)

Bronze award winner

Campaign: Give in to the power of TV. Give in to Gü.
Client: Gu
Entrant: DDB UK
Principal Authors: Clare Dowen - DDB, Nick Smith - DDB Matrix
Contributing Authors: Les Binet - DDB Matrix, Sarah Carter - DDB
Credited Companies: John Ayling and Assosciates - Media Agency, Gü - Client

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For the first few years Gü’s desirable image had drawn women in, unable to resist its luxurious and distinctive chocolate taste. However, due to increased competition entering the category and the perception that it was aloof, Gü sales began to stall. The challenge was to take Gü off its pedestal and allow women to feel like it was an innocent pudding for any occasion, whilst keeping its premium price. Through a TV ad that changed women’s perceptions of it, which was supported on Facebook and outdoor posters, sales increased by 24% in one year, generating £6.5m in sales.

Judge's Comments:

This was a well-constructed case, with simple and clear goals to change attitudes towards the brand. It is a great example of the way a premium brand managed to create appeal and engagement in a time of austerity, and on a low budget.