Sustainability sells - Velvet Three Trees  (2012)

Bronze award winner

Campaign: Sustainability sells - Velvet Three Trees
Brand: Velvet
Client: SCA
Entrant: Fallon London
Principal Authors: Tom Goodwin - Fallon London, Isabelle O'Sullivan - Fallon London
Contributing Authors: Sam Veitch - BrandScience, Federico Forti - BrandScience
Credited Companies: BrandScience - Econometric modelling agency, Publicis Chemistry - Direct Marketing Agency, Carat - Media Agency, Haygarth - PR Agency, Myriad - PR Agency, Tynan D'Arcy - Design Agency, SCA - Client

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Velvet struggled as the number two brand in the toilet paper market. To address this it set out to make caring for the environment an important purchase decision criterion, changing the rules of the category from ‘soft, strong and long’ to ‘soft, strong, long and sustainable’. By putting its environmental credentials at the heart of advertising, Velvet’s three trees advertising more than doubled the short term effectiveness of its communications to achieve an RROI of £1.84.

Judge's Comments:

This paper carries strong new learning around sustainability. Through redefining the product message around an environmental positioning, Velvet were able to drive differentiation in the market, appeal to new customers and build impressive business results.