Dream rangers  (2012)

Bronze award winner

Campaign: Dream rangers
Brand: Ta Chong Bank
Client: Ta Chong Bank
Entrant: Ogilvy & Mather Taipei
Principal Author: Oliver Tsai - Ogilvy & Mather Taipei
Contributing Authors: Tim Broadbent - Ogilvy & Mather, Minguay Yeh - Ogilvy & Mather Taipei
Credited Companies: Ta Chong Bank - Client

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Following the 2008–2009 financial crisis the banking community had a poor reputation. The challenge for Ta Chong Bank was three-fold; to stimulate interest in the bank, to attract new customers and to boost the morale of its staff. The ‘Dream ranger’ campaign launched with the longest commercial ever shown on TV in Taiwan, 180 seconds, showing a group of aged men together for one last bike ride, an experience easily relatable for the Taiwanese people. The campaign generated 24m complete online views from around the world, tripling the growth of the bank and paying back approximately 134 times for every dollar spent.

Judge's Comments:

This campaign represented amazing bravery in a highly risk-averse sector; a bank that didn’t talk about banking in its communications, but instead tried to humanise it. This was very well executed through emotive creative work.