I AM Nikon  (2012)

Silver award winner

Campaign: I AM Nikon
Brand: Nikon
Client: Nikon Europe BV
Entrant: Jung von Matt AG
Principal Authors: Louisa von Reumont - Jung von Matt AG, Julia Peuckert - Jung von Matt AG
Contributing Authors: Birgitta Olson - Nikon Europe BV, Klaas Abreu Miedema - Nikon Europe BV, Sean Fellows - Nikon UK
Credited Companies: MediaCom - Media Agency, JvM/relations - Others, Icon - Brand and advertising tracking, Doner - Others, Nikon - Client

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Nikon has a long history as a premium camera manufacturer and is strongly associated with professional photography. However, being perceived as ‘pro’ was alienating broader target groups, rather than being an attraction. To address this, the campaign needed to raise awareness of Nikon, making it a more approachable and relevant player in the compact segment. Within two years of the campaign launch Nikon had created an emotional brand and communications platform, which increased sales dramatically and elevated Nikon from an insignificant market position to market leader in January 2012. For every 1 Euro spent, the campaign yielded 5.76 Euro profit.

Judge's Comments:

This is a compelling story of Nikon’s multi-channel campaign that used consumer interaction to penetrate the youth market and raise awareness of its compact products. From an insignificant player to market leader within two years is no mean feat.