Taking British Gas back to the future  (2012)

Gold award winner

Campaign: Taking British Gas back to the future
Brand: British Gas
Client: British Gas
Entrant: CHI & Partners
Principal Authors: Neil Goodlad - CHI & Partners, Chrissy Jamieson - CHI & Partners
Contributing Authors: Karl Weaver - Data2Decisions, David Hartley - Data2Decisions, David Bassett - Data2Decisions
Credited Companies: British Gas - Client, Outside Line - Digital Agency, Ogilvy One - Direct Marketing Agency, Carat - Media and Planning, Blue Rubicon - PR Agency

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Following privatisation, British Gas was pronounced Britain’s most popular brand. Twenty years later it was just another energy company, losing 40,000 accounts every month. This is the story of how a communications idea drew on a once-great brand’s past and future, to give it purpose and pride, and most importantly, return it to growth. The idea was ‘Looking after your world’, an animated multi-platform campaign rendering consumers’ homes on individual planets, displaying the new ways British Gas could look after Britain’s homes. It generated £82.7m profit from £45.5m investment, giving a profit ROMI of £1.82 for every marketing £1 invested. It also galvanised necessary organisational change, leaving the business ready to face the future with confidence.

Judge's Comments:

This case demonstrates how after years of decline in customers and market share, British Gas successfully returned to its former glory. The company understood the benefits of master branding; leveraging the entire organisation behind a lovely consumer insight that effectively changed consumer behaviour.