The Audi A1 - A big idea, condensed  (2012)

Bronze award winner

Campaign: The Audi A1 - A big idea, condensed
Brand: Audi
Client: Audi
Entrant: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Principal Authors: James Mitchell - BBH, Ross Berthinussen - BBH
Contributing Authors: Ida Siow - BBH, Daryl Frost - BBH
Credited Companies: Audi - Client, MediaCom - Media Agency, Razorfish - Digital Agency, Framestore - Others, Passion Pictures - Others, Pirata - Others

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This paper details the next chapter in the story of Audi and Vorsprung durch Technik. In 2010 Audi made a leap that no other prestige car brand had done; it launched a small car, the Audi A1. The opportunity was great, but the risk of sacrificing the prestige of VdT was greater. By understanding that Audi is as much a technology brand as car marque its small size was turned from a weakness into a benefit. Communications were spread across the biggest media formats available, representing ‘small’ as a hallmark of superiority and modernity. The campaign attracted new customers, and helped the A1 exceed its sales targets, returning £4.40 for every £1 spent.

Judge's Comments:

A well written case with interesting strategic thinking that was brilliantly executed across an exciting range of channels. Audi redefined the automotive category without damaging the long held beliefs of the brand.