Watson  (2012)

Silver award winner

Campaign: Watson
Brand: IBM
Client: IBM
Entrant: Ogilvy & Mather NY
Principal Author: Magnus Blair - Ogilvy & Mather NY
Contributing Authors: Ashley Wood - Ogilvy & Mather NY, Kenan Ali - Ogilvy & Mather NY
Credited Companies: OgilvyOne Worldwide - Direct Marketing Agency, Neo@Ogilvy - Digital Agency, VSA Partners - Design Agency, IBM - Client

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IBM had developed a computer capable of understanding human language, but the technology was hard to explain to the average human. The answer to this challenge and the key to a successful launch was the ultimate head-to-head competitive product demonstration: combat between human champions and the computer on the US TV quiz show Jeopardy! A fully integrated campaign was employed to drive awareness to 70% of Americans, showing them why they should root for the machine, not against it. The campaign generated $250m in immediate revenue.

Judge's Comments:

A great case that used branded content and the power of mass media to break the mould of B2B marketing, creating an exciting and brilliant story within the consumer world. IBM adopted a high risk strategy that paid off and generated an overall uplift for their brand and their business.