Which? subscriber recruitment  (2012)

Gold award winner

Campaign: Which? subscriber recruitment
Brand: Which?
Client: Which?
Entrant: Mike Colling & Co
Principal Author: Mike Colling - Mike Colling & Co

Credited Companies: Which? - Client, Dare - Creative Agency, Mike Colling & Co - Media Agency, Tangent Snowball - Creative Agency, Watson Phillips Norman - Creative Agency, Summit Media - Others

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In the ten years prior to 2005 Which? had seen declining subscriber numbers. Over a six-year period, Mike Colling and Co led a three stage iterative process, from initial direct response subscriber recruitment, to a brand uplift model, to the current fully integrated activity. Their insights drove a better understanding of the audience, a more motivating and engaging proposition, a more effective and responsive media schedule, and a more efficient journey from response to paid subscription. The campaign grew the magazine and online circulation by 52% over the six-year period, increased subscription numbers from 831,000 to more than 1,330,000 in June 2011, and drove more than £64,000,000 incremental profit.

Judge's Comments:

Which? was a great example of how an organisation used data to not only drive efficiency but to re-invent the brand and the business model. They created a product offering that drove response but didn’t cannibalise their core information products and services.