The like brands campaign  (2012)

Gold award winner

Campaign: The like brands campaign
Brand: Aldi
Client: Aldi
Entrant: McCann Manchester
Principal Authors: Ian Lloyd Jones - McCann Manchester, Sibel Akel Saoulli - McCann Manchester

Credited Companies: Aldi Stores - Client, Universal McCann - Media Agency, Ohal - Econometric modelling agency, The Effectiveness Partnership - Consulting Firm

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Recession had not helped Aldi sales. Consumers were returning to brands they trusted which Aldi did not sell. The objective was to get back into double figure growth. This paper explains how Aldi applied a martial arts technique - harnessing and redirecting an oncoming force to its marketing communications. The ‘like brands’ campaign was unusual in a number of respects. It targeted Aldi’s least loyal customers and positively endorsed brands that Aldi did not sell, which grew market share by 43% and delivered a ROMI of 14.5:1.

Judge's Comments:

Faced with a tough challenge, Aldi adopted an incredibly brave strategy that was clearly effective. The campaign took a very thorough consumer insight and executed it brilliantly through very entertaining creative.