Don't go zombie, go Virgin Trains  (2012)

Bronze award winner

Campaign: Don't go zombie, go Virgin Trains
Brand: Virgin Trains
Client: Virgin Trains
Entrants: Elvis, Manning Gottlieb OMD
Principal Authors: Paul Becque - Elvis, Zehra Chatoo - Manning Gottlieb OMD
Contributing Authors: Federico Forti - BrandScience, Anita Wilkins - Manning Gottlieb OMD, Tom Duckham - Elvis, Sam Veitch - BrandScience
Credited Companies: Virgin Trains - Client, Dare - Creative Agency, Manning Gottlieb OMD - Media Agency, Elvis - Integrated Agency, BrandScience - Econometric modelling agency

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In 2009-2010 16 million fewer journeys were taken via train and in 2010 cars accounted for 64% of all trips. To address this, the campaign for Virgin Trains encouraged people to re-evaluate their mode of transport choice by highlighting the stressful and often miserable reality of car and plane travel. This was dramatised by the creative idea that travelling by car or plane was a poor, zombie-like decision, particularly when there was the option of taking a Virgin Train instead. This message was communicated via television advertising to champion Virgin Trains, by outdoor and radio to reflect and interrupt consumers’ behaviour and by Streetview, a Facebook game, eCRM, and digital display to build campaign longevity.

Judge's Comments:

Faced with the task of convincing consumers to reappraise using trains, this campaign adopted a solid and impressive channels strategy across a range of interesting platforms which altered people’s consideration of Virgin Trains to a great effect.