Leaving no-one behind  (2012)

Gold award winner Best Channel Planning sponsored by Microsoft

Campaign: Leaving no-one behind
Brand: Digital UK
Client: Digital UK (in partnership with BBC Help Scheme)
Entrants: DLKW Lowe, Digital UK, MediaCom, BBC Switchover Help Scheme
Principal Authors: Beth Thoren - Digital UK, Rachell Fox - Switchover Help Scheme, Chris Baker - DLKW Lowe, Emma Reeve - MediaCom, Anthony Morrison - MediaCom
Contributing Authors: Carola Breuning - Digital UK, Sophie Reeve - Digital UK, Jon Wilson - MediaCom, Richard Warren - DLKW Lowe, Zoe Verrion - DLKW Lowe
Credited Companies: Digital UK - Client, DLKW Lowe - Creative Agency, MediaCom - Media Agency, Elvis - Direct Marketing Agency, AMV BBDO (prior to 2010) - Creative Agency

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The scale and complexity of digital switchover presented a huge implementation challenge. The fear of blank screens, which could cause the programme to be derailed, was very real. The UK had to be 100% ready, but success depended on providing information, help and reassurance to the last 10% of analogue viewers who were often fearful of change. Working together, Digital UK and the BBC Switchover Help Scheme overcame that challenge by focusing on those people most marketers leave behind - older, disabled and minority audiences. The end result, beyond the large net benefits realised, was to transform a potentially negative situation into a quiet success story. It is estimated the campaign returned a minimum payback of £4.60 for every £1 spent.

Judge's Comments:

Given the Herculean challenge Digital UK faced in communicating the digital switchover to the population, this campaign represents an extraordinary marketing achievement. It should be heralded as a meticulous exercise in channel planning, and is undoubtedly a worthy winner.