iHobo  (2011)

Gold award winner

Campaign: iHobo
Brand: Depaul UK
Client: Depaul UK
Entrant: Publicis
Principal Authors: Andy Lear - Ginger Professor, Benjamin Worden - Publicis

Credited Companies: Publicis - Creative Agency, Depaul UK - Client

For a number of years Depaul UK has attempted to recruit younger donors to counteract its shrinking donor base. Previous press and radio campaigns yielded only modest results. In 2010 Depaul UK developed an iPhone application that could help it reach out to a younger audience. iHobo required users to take care of a virtual homeless person for three days. Despite no paid media coverage the app was downloaded 600,000 times, delivering 95 times more new donors than previous campaigns. It has added 1,021 young people to the Depaul UK database who have a potential combined lifetime donation value of as much as £1.5m.

Judge's Comments:

A fascinating use of a mobile application with an amazing short-term effect. The lowest budget to ever enter the Awards, this paper is a brilliant example of how to deliver impressive results on small funds. Torsten Schuppe, Marketing Director, UK and Ireland, Google