Cyclists should be seen and not hurt  (2009)

Gold award winner

Campaign: Cyclists should be seen and not hurt
Brand: Cycling Safety
Client: Transport for London
Entrant: WCRS Ltd
Principal Author: Giselle Okin - WCRS
Contributing Authors: Fergus Adam - WCRS, Laurence Parkes - WCRS
Credited Companies: WCRS - Creative Agency, Altogether - Digital Agency, MEC Global - Media Agency

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In 2007, 21 cyclists in London died because they weren’t seen. This paper shows how a small budget campaign of £600, 000, reduced deaths on London roads by a third. The challenge was to find an idea that didn’t discourage cyclists from riding, or place blame for the accidents. The strategy therefore was not just to tell drivers that cyclists weren’t seen, but to actually prove it, by creating a test that made viewers experience how easy it could be to look, but not see. The communications approach was to create a film showing the limitations of the viewers’ own brains. The test has been experienced by over 13 million people, saving an estimated £2.3m in human and administrative costs, and resulting in payback of £3.66 for every £1 spent.

Judge's Comments:

Faced with the difficult task of reducing the number of deaths and the number of injuries that cyclists sustain on London’s roads, this campaign moved away from traditional shock tactic strategy and instead tried to understand what is causing these accidents.
-Duncan George, Former Sales Director, AOL